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At Mithra Legal Advisors we have a specialized department for each Service, which helps our clients if they need services of Trademark Registration, Civil Law or Administrative Law. .

Registration of Trademarks, Utility Models and Patents

The purpose of industrial property is to protect all creations of the human intellect related to industry by providing it with a set of rights.
Within this field, patents, utility models and distinctive signs (trademarks, trade names, slogans), among others, are protected.


We could define a patent as an industrial property title that gives its holder the right to act against third parties who copy, counterfeit, manufacture, import or sell the products or processes protected by said patent, without his authorization. In the event of infringement, the patent holder may take legal action against the infringers.

Patents generally arise as a solution to technical problems of procedures, products, apparatus or devices and may also refer to the use of such products.
Currently, Spanish patents are granted for a maximum of twenty years from the time they are filed, although there are cases in which this can be extended for up to five years; this is the case for medical or pharmaceutical products.


Civil Law

The branch of Civil Law is one of the most complete and important areas of our legal system, as it includes practically all the legal-private relationships that arise in people’s daily lives, through acts, contracts and businesses that, on many occasions, we enter into almost without realizing it, such as when we go to buy the latest model of mobile phone or rent a house for our holidays.


Administrative Law

Civil Law



Administrative Law

Administrative Law can be defined as the branch of Public Law responsible for regulating the organization and operation of the Public Administration and its relations with citizens.


Administrative appeals are instruments that allow citizens to challenge the actions of the administration that affect them, without the need to go to court. In other words, they allow us to react to an administrative decision that may be detrimental to us, without having to go to court.

There are several types of administrative appeals, but the most “common” ones are regulated in Law 39/2015. There are other “special” appeals, we could say, which are regulated in the law that regulates the corresponding matter for which they are envisaged. However, the resolution itself that we want to appeal will tell us what type of appeal/s can be lodged against it.

We also offer you:

Personalized Advice

Mithra Legal Advisors offers comprehensive advice to companies in order to help them increase their productivity, competitiveness and social trust.

Debt Refinancing

The team of Mithra Legal Advisors, aware of the current situation of the external debt managers, offers you the possibility to carry out the necessary steps to benefit from the debt relief and cancellation campaigns that these operators are offering.

Mergers and Liquidations

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The complexity and diversity of international, national, local and sectoral regulations, the current dynamism and internationalisation of business relations, and the development of the new technologies The challenge for companies and corporations is growing, as they often do not know whether they are complying with all of the requirements of the legal obligations that are required of them.

Corporate Governance

The concept of corporate governance refers to the set of principles and rules that regulate the design, integration and functioning of the company’s governing bodies, such as the three powers within a company: Shareholders, Board of Directors and Senior Management.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

Intellectual Property is understood as the set of rights that protect intellectual creations. … In Spain, a distinction is made between Intellectual Property (copyright) and Industrial Property (patents, trademarks and industrial designs).


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