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Business Consultancy

Business Consultancy At Mithra Legal Advisors we have a department specialized in Business Consultancy Services, which helps our clients to achieve their objectives, analyzing and understanding their needs, and providing them with practical and effective solutions, specially adapted to each case.

Business Consulting Services

Business consultancy will help you find solutions to business problems or business needs, allowing you to anticipate changes and take advantage of both the strengths of your company and the opportunities offered by the market.


The external vision of a professional helps to identify in a clearer way which may be the problems that your project is facing and that are having a negative impact on it or that do not allow you to exploit all your potential.

At Mithra Legal Advisors we do not have a closed and general package of services that we offer indistinctly to our clients, but we develop a specific business strategy for each company. Through the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your idea or business, and the study of the market situation, we design tailor-made solutions and accompany our clients in all the phases of their strategy.

We outline your short, medium and long-term objectives, and accompany you every step of the way. All our consultants are personally involved in your project, seeking to create a bond of trust and transparency that allows a fluid exchange of knowledge and experiences.


Business Consultancy

We also offer you added value through the rest of Mithra’s departments, with specialized legal and juridical support at all times. In this way, we not only design and implement your business strategy, but we can also undertake the search for any business solution, such as the purchase and sale of assets, merger or spin-off operations, or the search for financing or capital.



Business Development

 Digital company

Financial planning


integral solutions

blockchain technology


Blockchain Technology in the Business Sector


The digital revolution requires the business sector to have a great capacity to adapt to the opportunities that arise with the new digital exchange instruments, whether for investment purposes or for the acquisition of goods and services. Their use in the short and medium term will allow companies and entrepreneurs who opt for these instruments to obtain a competitive advantage and a better positioning in the market.

A clear example of mechanisms or tools that make it possible to achieve these benefits of the new digital assets is blockchain technology, which provides us with an immutable and secure digital space in which to carry out all the transmission and acquisition actions required by its members, through units of value called tokens.

We also offer you:

Personalised Advice

Mithra Legal Advisors offers comprehensive advice to companies in order to help them increase their productivity, competitiveness and social confidence.

Debt Refinancing

The team of Mithra Legal Advisors, aware of the current situation of the external debt managers, offers you the possibility of carrying out the necessary steps to benefit from the debt relief and cancellation campaigns that these operators are offering.

Mergers and Liquidations

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The complexity and diversity of international, national, local and sectorial regulations, the current dynamism and internationalisation of business relations and the development of new technologies pose a growing challenge for companies and corporations, which are often unaware of whether they are complying with all the legal obligations they are required to fulfil.

Corporate Governance

The concept of corporate governance refers to the set of principles and rules that regulate the design, integration and operation of the company’s governing bodies, such as the three powers within a company: Shareholders, Board of Directors and Senior Management.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

Intellectual Property is understood as he set of rights that protect intellectual creations. … In Spain, a distinction is made between Intellectual Property (copyright) and Industrial Property (patents, trademarks and industrial designs).


Blockchain.com is a Bitcoin blockchain exploration service, as well as a cryptocurrency wallet and cryptocurrency exchange that supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.


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